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"It's pretty faithful to the Duke 3D one with some updates to be more modern and a few thousand poly's vs a 2D sprite :)"



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Duke3D Items

+10 Health Bonus

If you're feeling a bit down on health, picking up this little packet will pick you up by 10%. It will not take you over 100%.
+30 Health Bonus

If you've taken a good bit of damage, grabbing this jar will pull your strength up by 30%. It, too, will not take you over 100%.

Think of picking this case up as grabbing a portable second chance at life. This will put you back to 100% health unless there is insufficient healing power left over.
Atomic Health

This strange artifact picks you up by 50% when you're feeling down and is even capable of making you feel twice your normal strength (200%).

Whenever you're getting your ass kicked, this will soften the blow dealt to you. It decreases the strength of an adversary's attack, often significantly. Duke can take even a rocket when he's wearing this padding.

Being chased down by a detector drone? Need to catch up to a runaway train? Pop these pills for a great boost in speed and agility. However, like your newfound speed, the effects of these pills wear off quickly.
Protective Boots

Trudging through filth isn't any fun, and neither is trying to tread lava. These boots keep your feet clean and make lava feel as cool as water, although they're not immune to the effects of erosion themselves. When you feel your feet starting to sweat, you probably need a new pair of boots.
Nightvision Goggles

Not insanely useful for mapping your way through the dark, but these handy lenses can point out secrets hidden in the blackness and can point out the location of enemies. Remember, though, that a torch can't burn forever.

Man isn't born with gills. This gear will give you plenty of time to roam and explore great depths and just as much time to take on creatures below. Conservation of air is always a wise idea, though, because SCUBA gear doesn't appear everywhere.


Not much needs to be said in the way of keycards. If you're in a bind and you need to get somewhere that's barred from you, hunt for one of these. They're not always easy to find but the reward they offer will often keep you driven to search.


Your alien foes are usually smart enough to ignore such traps as they have a more advanced sense of smell, however this device is incredibly useful in Dukematches to dupe other predators.

If you ever feel like making an air strike of your own or if you need to get to an area you can't reach, fire up this miracle of technology to soar above. It can give you the upper hand against most enemies and it can help you to reach that much-needed atomic health.