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Duke3D HRP Version 3 Released!

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Thu Apr 26 2007, 09:52PM

Click to download!
After a lot of hard work and delays, it's finally here! For the newbies, check this out if you don't know what the HRP is. Click the image above to download it, and click below (read more) for the complete changelog.

* Latest snapshot of the EDuke32 port with updates like

o Glowmaps.

o Detail textures.

o Smooth interpolation between animations on models. (Not on HUD models yet)

o Texture caching.

o Tons of updates and improvements for mod makers.

o A ton of bug fixes.

* All monsters now modeled, new since last version is Battle Lord, Moon Overlord, Cycloid Emperor, New Beast and Alien Queen.

* Most babes now modeled.

* A lot of new and improved textures and prop modeles.

* All textures use detail mapping.

* Glow mapping applied to textures and skins that glows in 8 bit (i.e. monsters eyes).

* Newer version of the SD Duke mod.(Not latest as a new one was posted on the boards just hours ago)

* Lots of tweaks to the map hacks making pickups and other models fit better in the maps.
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