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09 Exclusive Duke Nukem Forever PAX Trailer Preview and Screenshots

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Sat Oct 09 2010, 01:27AM

According to our on-site reporter Gurty, the trailer contains "many things" not seen in the PAX demo.  Here is what Gurty had to say, in his exact words: While the trailer is rolling you will see that there are more locations than only the desert and the stadium maps. There is the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, as well as desert and space environments (as also confirmed by Pitchford). Furthermore, all the weapons from Duke Nukem 3D have returned. The Pistol, Shotgun, Ripper, Shrinker, RPG, Devastator, Freezethrower and the Pipebomb have all returned from the old game, with the addition of a few new weapons.


In the trailer you also see many different enemies such as the final boss from Duke Nukem 3D, the Cycloid Emperor, the strange Hoover Dam worm and the bosses that were included in the Christmas 2008 wallpaper, and a final boss with three breasts that wasn't included in the wallpaper.

If one were to compare this trailer with the 2001 version, it could be said that the new PAX trailer looks similar but uses different imagery. Hell, there is even a scene in it containing what appears to be General Graves from the 2001 trailer, asking for Dukes help!

[Thanks to Mr. Green for rivising Gurty's reportings.]
[Thanks to Luke Rymarz and Angelo for providing the raw captures.]

Click below for more screenshots:

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