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"Multi-core support is in and quite nice. We all run Core Duo 6600's and 7950/8800, ati 1900 level cards."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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News - Category 'Duke3D'

DNF E3 2001 Trailer Redone in Duke3D
Tue Apr 02 2013, 05:11AM
New Grabbag Cover
Wed Mar 06 2013, 03:16AM
New Duke & Cycloid HRP Models
Fri Mar 01 2013, 06:45PM
Enhanced Duke Nukem 3D Coming to Steam
Wed Feb 13 2013, 06:57AM
Duke Nukem 3D Free on!
Wed Dec 12 2012, 03:20PM
Duke Nukem 3D on Sale, Half Off!
Fri Aug 17 2012, 06:03PM
BLiGHT eDuke32 Mod
Sun Jul 29 2012, 09:50PM
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