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"Duke is an ego maniac and embraces the spotlight and any chance to kick alien ass. He thrives on it."



Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



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Duke Nukem: The Series

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Tue Jun 29 2010, 11:43PM

Commando Nukem says,

Set twelve years after the events of Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem: The Series picks up with our titular character relaxing in his downtown Los Angeles apartment when the alien scum make a devastating return... and this time, it's personal!  We're hoping to have the first episode completed by mid-to-late summer. If anybody is interested in participating we need voice actors for key supporting roles, please send an email to: with the subject "Voice acting."

Check out the official websites:

Duke Nukem: The Series
Open Maw Productions

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3D Realms and Take-Two settle!

Category: DNF
by yossa, on Fri Jun 11 2010, 08:45PM

Shacknews reports that the court case between 3DR and T2 is settled "with prejudice" as of May 14th, which means Duke Nukem Forever is cleared for release (as long as it's finished of course).
And here's the settlement on Shacknews.

Update: Voodoo Extreme was able to get ahold of George but only got a "no comment, sorry" from him.
Update #2: VE parent company, IGN brings us this quote from T2 rep, Alan Lewis:

We can confirm that the matter has been resolved, and the company is not providing additional details of the agreement

(Thanks, Jobi)

PS. So happy right now

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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Officially Coming to Xbox Live Arcade!

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Thu May 27 2010, 05:47PM

6/11/2010 Update: The game (and free demo) will be out June 23rd for 800 Microsoft points!

We have had several news items in the past speculating on the release of DNMP to the Xbox Live Arcade.  Those rumors have now been confirmed as the official Xbox 360 website now as its own DNMP page.  Check it out:

According to the page, the game runs at 1080p (that's a resolution of 1920x1080) but we'll see if this includes the game itself as opposed to just the menus.  The release date is still "to be determined."

Thanks for the heads up Para-noir!  And worry not--we're never closing.

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New Map Release: Have Fun Storming The Castle

Category: Duke3D
by Mblackwell, on Mon May 10 2010, 12:56AM

In case you missed it, Mikko at MSDN has posted a review of a new map by SalaciusCrumb of Starship Troopers TC fame. His new map "Have Fun Storming the Castle" requires DukePlus, and has the same sense of scale as SalaciusCrumb's other recent maps. Check out the review here.

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Various Duke Nukem Updates

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Sat May 08 2010, 02:10AM

Today marks the one-year anniversary from the time George Broussard's alleged failures led to the Duke Nukem Forever team bidding its farewell to the world.  Since then, news on Duke Nukem Forever has been scarce, and while fans remain enthusiastic about the game, many are disappointed and hungry for answers that 3D Realms founders Broussard and Miller refuse to divulge due to their ongoing lawsuit with Take-Two.

Despite all this, visitor activity on remains strong, and our forums continue to serve fans who are especially involved in modifications for Duke Nukem 3D and its Windows/Linux port, EDuke32 (authored by's very own TerminX)!

In other news, Duke fan Gerlof alerted us to his Grabbag Dance Mix which he authored late last year, but which went unnoticed until recently.  You can download an MP3 version of the mix here (9.28 MB).

Lastly, we have a message from the owner of one of our hosted Duke Nukem websites, Hendricks:

I just wanted to send you an FYI about some things I've just done.

First, I've released the second major versions of:

Duke: Nuclear Winter Plus
Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach Plus
Duke Nukem 3D N64 Music Pack
Duke Nukem 3D Saturn Music Pack

They have threads in the Duke 3D forum listing changes and whatnot.

I've created a sticky thread with comprehensive installation instructions for all the Duke add-ons.

2492_nw_thumb.jpg 2492_vaca_thumb.jpg

That's all the news for now, folks!

Signing off, but never giving up on Duke or  Yatta.

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3D Realms vs. Take-Two: The Showdown

Category: 3D Realms
by Duke Nukem, on Mon Apr 05 2010, 05:53AM

betallonduke_thumb.jpgWe don't normally post news items to accompany new polls, but tonight's is a special one.

For those that need some catching up--the story goes a little something like this:  In May of last year, Take-Two, which holds the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever, filed a breach of contract lawsuit against 3D Realms over George Broussard's alleged failure to deliver the game since development began in 1997.  Consequently, the fate of 3D Realms as an inhouse developer, and the fate of Duke Nukem Forever as a 3D Realms title now remain in question.

Now then, in our latest poll we ask the fans what they think will be the outcome of this lawsuit.  Will 3D Realms come out victorious, or will Take-Two reaffirm the alleged validity of this photo through a victory of its own?

As you ponder the answer to this question and contemplate voting, remember that our fragile democracy was secured by men who marched across their countries and traveled abroad to fight for it with their lives.  It is in the spirit of democracy and the endeavors of these brave souls that you, the fans, must exercise your right to vote.  We ask not that you go even across the street to the ballot (as you would during a political election)--no, kind sirs--we ask that you simply click the appropriate radio button in our poll box within the comfortable confines of your homes!

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Duke Nukem Forever Was To Go Gold Today

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Thu Apr 01 2010, 04:53PM

Jason Bergman, former producer of Duke Nukem Forever via Take-Two subsidiary 2K Games, posted on his Twitter today:

MOMENT OF SILENCE PLEASE: by the 3DR/TTWO development schedule, April 1st, 2010 was supposed to be the day Duke Nukem Forever went gold.

Berman also stated that the planned release date was "totally intentional. It was going to be hilarious."

Thanks to Para-noir for the heads up--we love you too.

Update @ 2:40 PST: When asked, "Was 3D Realms really that close to going gold with Duke Nukem Forever?" -- Bergman replies with confidence that 3D Realms would have met their April deadline if Take 2 hadn't sued them:

I wholeheartedly believe that had things gone differently, they would have made that date.

Of course, not everyone may agree with that statement, granted the game's former lead developer, George Broussard, has been said to be an alleged failure (see paragraph next to Pharaoh's Tomb image).

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George Broussard Answers Your Questions

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Wed Mar 31 2010, 03:32AM

Have you heard of of  It's another one of those overrated social networking websites like Twitter, which, for absurd reasons, tend to become more popular than they deserve to be.

Speaking of things that receive more attention than they are worthy of, the alleged failure behind Duke Nukem Forever is now taking anonymous questions for your reading pleasure! Here's a sampler:

Will Duke Nukem Forever ever see the light of day?

Magic 8-Ball says "Concentrate and ask again."

Well, I guess that's a better answer than "stay tuned."

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Fan-Made Movie: The Duke: Fate of Humanity

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Mon Mar 29 2010, 11:37PM

theduke_movielogo.jpgAnd just when we thought the fan-made Duke Nukem movie craze was over, new developments were set afloat here at and over at a Facebook fan page for The Duke: Fate of Humanity.  Says Paul, the large-testicled man behind the film:

The Duke - Fate of Humanity is a nod towards the toughest bad-ass of all time. A few minute short about the beginning of an Alien invasion and some heroic, yet questionable motives... Coming... surprisingly soon.

The film stars sexy female Finnish actress Johanna Pohtinen (seen below), who, with her blue eyes and blonde hair, is more than many of us can personally handle.  Luckily, there is a Duke.

thumb_theduke_1.jpg thumb_theduke_2.jpg thumb_theduke_3.jpg

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More Evidence for DNMP on XBLA

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Thu Mar 25 2010, 04:28PM

Last year, we announced the possiblity of 2002's Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project coming to Xbox Live Arcade.  Yesterday, there was some more evidence (from a Korean site) suggesting this is true.

The release date is still unknown, as is the real status of the port.  For fans that enjoyed the original sidescroller Duke Nukem games, Manhattan Project is a fantastic platformer packed with Duke Nukem style one-liners and nonstop action, and they would surely find this XBLA port to be very pleasing.

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